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" Yagyas are Highest Karmas", Says Lord Krishna The Yagyas are Special Vedic Prayers composed by great ancient Vedic Saints and Seers in Vedic Age. Now these are done by trained Vedic Pandits at our Vedic Aashram in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India. The Yagyas are very powerful and have the capacity to counteract any negativity coming up from any particular planet/s due to the Karmas of an individual. The Yagya also helps to enhance the positivity and success rate to get desired results. They are done to fulfill any particular desire. The Yagyas were the part and parcel of Vedic Culture in Vedic age, now it has become our Culture to do Yagyas every day for the world peace by bringing peace in an individual"s life.  
1). Vedic Yagya performances (Graha Yagya)Charges US$200 /yagya
The Yagyas are special Vedic prayers performed by Vedic experts to increase the supporting positive planetary influences and to counteract/reduce the negative planetary influences coming up as seen in the birth chart of the individual.
1Surya ( Sun)
3Mangal (Mars)
4Budh (Mercury)
5Shukra (Venus)
6Guru (Jupiter )
7Shani (Saturn)
2). Special YagayasCharges US$350 /yagya
There are also some special Yagyas done for Specific purposes. The Yagyas are very effective in achieving the desired purpose. Some specific Yagyas have been listed below with their purposes and charges
1For Increase in income
2For family happiness
3For increased marital happiness
4For maintaining good health
5For removal of any disease
6For getting married
7For getting a good job
8For progress in business
9For financial improvement
10For success in lawsuit
11For success in any project
12Yagya for Any Specific Desire
3). 1 Year Long Wealth/Health YagyasCharges US$1700 /yagya
These are unique and Special Yagyas for getting blessings of Mahalakshmi for wealth, of Lord Shiva for good health, of Goddess Durga for Marital happiness etc. The yagyas are done every day by trained Vedic Pandits for one Vedic Calendar Year.
4). 5 Year Long Comprehensive YagyasCharges US$6500 /yagya
These are comprehensive yagyas and includes yagyas for success and continuity in major areas of life like Education, Health, Wealth, Work career and Personal Relationship. There are A category to F category yagyas from USD 20000 to USD 6500.
5). All Round Protection YagyaCharges US$2000 /yagya
A comprehensive group of yagyas for protection in every area of life- health, wealth, education, business, job, property, personal relations etc.
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